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Why You Need a Scriptwriter for Your Executive Video

Hi, howdy, welcome, hey there, hello, shalom, hola, what’s up!

Now, which one of those is your go-to when kicking off a video script for your organization? It matters more than you might think. With a seemingly endless number of options—and that initial greeting is only the tip of your scripted iceberg—you’ve got a lot to figure out and write.

That’s precisely why you need a scriptwriter on your side.

I know, I know. You’re an executive, a CEO, a team leader. You know your product or company, and your mission, better than any outsider ever could. That’s 100% true. But it’s how you deliver your message that matters: Naturally, concisely, and effectively.

Let’s face it, you’ve got a lot to discuss in your video and little time to do it well. Fortunately, when you have a scriptwriter, achieving your goals with video gets less complicated.

Look (and sound) more natural

It isn’t easy being on camera. That’s exactly why I stay behind the camera whenever I can. But alas, you don’t have that option. You’re the face of the company. You need to deliver a rallying cry to supporters, a state of the union to stakeholders, a product launch to customers.

And things get exponentially harder when you think you’re the only one who can write the script. Because sometimes we’re too close to our own material. Sometimes, we know what we’re trying to say, but the viewers are clueless. Remember: Video is all about the viewers.

That’s why you need a script that’s easy to read off a teleprompter and even easier to listen to. Sharing information in a digestible, friendly way is what matters most. You can’t summarize your operation in three minutes, so don’t try. You can’t connect on an emotional level by using jargon, so keep it relatable. You won’t hold their attention if you ramble, so hit the high notes and leave the rest of the information for follow-up discussions.

That last part is key. A scriptwriter can turn your video into a gateway for more information to those who want it, creating a lead magnet for your company.

Tell your story concisely and effectively

In all likelihood, your journey is not going to be as thrilling as that of the hero in an action film. Even so, your script still needs momentum and direction to keep listeners engaged, to make them feel connected, and to make you feel trustworthy.

Here’s an example: You’re the CEO of a tech startup. You’re about to launch a groundbreaking new product that will change the lives of millions. Lots of people want that product, maybe they need it to survive, but why would they trust you to provide it to them?

Your story is why. Your story removes their concerns. It has a beginning, middle, and end; themes; a moral or meaning. It doesn’t matter if you’re talking to board members about P&L reports, customers about products and services, or audiences about a mind-bending, sci-fi thriller. Your story is what viewers connect with, what brings them into your brand, what makes them feel like a part of your journey.

Free up time for operational matters

There’s no need to find time to sit down and write when you have someone else doing it for you. All your scriptwriter needs is a little bit of your time (way less than it would take for you to write the whole script). What would the two of you talk about? Your audience, what you want to achieve, and how long the script should be. It’s also an opportunity for them to hear how you talk. To pick up on cadence, diction, personality.

And with that, they’re off to the races.

Try thinking of a scriptwriter as an extension of yourself, not an outsider looking in. Provide them with every detail you can, and they’ll be able to put together an amazing, concise script in your voice, leaving you more time to focus on precious operational needs.

Lastly, and most importantly, no matter how great a scriptwriter is, we know you’re going to make tweaks here and there. Scripts are blueprints to an amazing video. They don’t always film exactly as planned, but they’re far more likely to if you have a scriptwriter by your side.

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