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What's The Deal With The Palate Cleanser Newsletter?

We all need each other in different ways. We need to hear about the triumphs to know they’re possible and we need to know about the trials, because it reminds us we’re not alone.

That’s why I created the Palate Cleanser newsletter in the depths of the global pandemic.

As a business owner, parent, woman, spouse, child, sister, friend, human, I’ve realized that there is no magic bullet to get anything in life “right.” There is only a commitment to constant self-improvement through small steps, moments of self-reflection and a supportive community with which to share the journey.

There is no finish line. There is only constant change, progression and evolution. Some of it we welcome, some of it we resist, but if we don’t evolve, the world around us will. Any control outside of ourselves is an illusion. If 2020 taught me anything, it’s that I still have so much work to do, and all of that work is internal (because that’s what I can control). It also taught me that by investing the time and energy into the one thing I can control, my external world improves by default. Maybe there is something to this self-improvement thing after all?

Palate Cleanser was my excuse to find silver linings in everyday obstacles (and historic ones too), a way to uncover the emotional gems that I found during the darkest days of the pandemic, when I was worried about the health of my family, friends, coworkers and community. It was a self-induced treasure hunt for lessons I needed to learn and then process through writing and sharing. And I am so thankful to everyone who has joined along the way. It selfishly gave me a reason to keep hunting, keep processing and continue sharing with an audience that helped me stay accountable to the mission. And thanks to Ambrose McDowell Communications, I had a platform to do so.

But, in the best of ways, even this simple once-weekly newsletter is growing beyond my perspectives, my treasure hunts and my personal life lessons. It’s become a real community of people working together to create personal evolution through their own small steps, and then letting it cascade and inspire others by sharing in a complementary Facebook group.

So, where am I going with all this philosophical musing and reflection? I’m going to ask you to subscribe, of course, but even more, I’m asking you to commit to something new. To really double down on yourself. To join us in not only opening the emails in your inbox, but completing the prompts they’ll contain and sharing them with the rest of us when it feels right.

This is no longer a one-sided conversation, it’s time for all of us to show up for ourselves so we can show up for each other. It is my hope that the actions we can take through the Palate Cleanser community will lead to more celebrations of our inner victories where the most important human evolution takes place. That we can hold space for external validations like awards, promotions and acknowledgments, but also celebrate small moments when we realize we’ve broken a damaging thought pattern, risen above a conflict or made a brave decision.

Let’s celebrate those inner victories together. It’s much more fun that way.

While you’re here, I’d like to share some of my favorite Palate Cleansers with you.

2020 Shower Thoughts

This email is five words long

We Stand Resolute.

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