• Lauren McDowell

How to make your customers feel seen on social media

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

In an era when everyone seemingly understands the importance of social media as a marketing tool for their business, there’s something that still doesn’t always click: Treat followers as if they are in-person customers.

Customer service can be challenging for many reasons, but successful business-to-consumer (B2C) organizations create an online environment that makes potential customers want to buy, and current customers loyal.

So how does this translate to social media? For one thing, it means someone (whether it’s an employee of a company or an outsourced agency) is engaged in community management on a regular basis. And while some may think of this as “complaint management,” there are also big opportunities to build goodwill and loyalty in ways that are proactive rather than reactive.

Everyone wants to feel seen, and social media offers multiple opportunities to make someone’s day better. Beyond the “surprise and delight” approach, which includes offering an unexpected free product or reward, even a simple response to a comment (“thanks Amanda, we’re so glad you love our jeans as much as we do!”) goes a long way.

One important note to consider is that lasting impressions go both ways—while you may gain a customer for life with a small, positive interaction, neglecting someone or failing to come through on a promise could mean the difference between a lifelong ambassador and a vocal, disgruntled customer who will take any opportunity they can get to post about their poor experience.

A few helpful guidelines/tips to keep customers happy:

  • If a customer complains publicly on your social media channel(s), make a note that you will be reaching out to them in a private message—and then make sure you do it.

  • If you run a contest promising a winner for something, make sure you:

(1) choose a winner

(2) announce it on all of your platforms

(3) follow through on sending the prize.

Don’t assume people won’t notice if you don’t follow through (they will).

  • Have fun with your accounts! People can usually tell when you (or a social media manager) is enjoying what they do, and it always reflects well on your company.

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