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10 Reasons Outsourcing Digital Content Benefits Your Marketing Strategy

10. Accountability: When your funds are going to us every month, it holds you accountable to provide your side of the story, so we can do the work of cranking out the content to educate, engage and sometimes entertain the audience. No one (in our experience) likes to throw money down the drain without having something to show for it. If you’re getting something for free, you’re more likely to take it for granted, or put it off, because there’s no motivation to stay on top of it. You’re welcome.

9. It’s all we do all day, every day: Because we specialize in creating content full-time, we’re able to do it quicker, with our in-house writers, or if we can’t tackle it, we go to our well-curated network of freelance writers for a variety of expertise, styles and voices. We have a system, and we are very good at keeping things on schedule, on trend and on topic.

8. A dedicated team: You don’t have just one employee, you have an entire team at your disposal. All with different viewpoints, creative strengths and connections. Our powers combined = an excellent investment for your company.

7. Perspective: Ever find it hard to come up with a content plan that makes sense for your company? You’re too close to the material to see the forest for the trees. That’s ok. (Just ask us how long it took for us to come up with this blog post. We have a similar problem—because that problem is universal.) Let us take an objective look into what you do or what you provide, who’s buying and how we can help you reach them. Trust us.

6. Predictability: We live and die by the schedule. If it’s not on deadline, we can guarantee you’ll know why, and far before the actual deadline comes and goes. We also have a weekly workflow that works similar to a media outlet, in that we are a well-oiled machine in getting stuff done, content published and planning is the only way we are able to work with such efficiency. Let us take care of your editorial planning, then we’ll tell you exactly what to expect, when to expect it and know we’re going to be extremely communicative on any changes.

5. Lower cost: It’s not a guarantee, but it’s *highly* likely that our retainer fees for ongoing content will cost you less than an in-house employee’s salary, taxes and benefits. We don’t compete on price, but we do know we’re a damn good deal for the right companies, especially those with a gap between a marketing director, and making the leap to hiring an in-house content or social media manager.

4. Thoughtfulness: We attached our names to the company because, like a writer with a byline, we stand by our writing, our social posts and—cheesy as it sounds—our integrity. We care. A lot. And you’ll see that not only in your content or projects, but in the way we do business. This is a long-term relationship, and it will be nurtured as such.

3. Advocates: We’re not only your service provider, we’re actual humans that invest our time, energy and admiration into your entity, your people and your brand. Life is too short to do work for companies we don’t personally believe in, and when we believe in your company or organization, we become fearless champions and defenders of that through content and otherwise. This also means we are not simply “yes” (wo)men. We have opinions on how to steer your ship, and we’ll voice them respectfully to make sure your best interests are at heart.

2. Continual incentives to improve, adapt: We work all day every day to come up with fresh content for you, because 1) We need it creatively, because it gives us personal satisfaction and fulfillment. 2) You need it to stand out from the noise of all the other not-thoughtful content. 3) We have to adapt and learn to stay competitive, and to earn your business. This is much to your advantage. Coasting is not an option.

1. Expertise: We know what we’re doing. Yes, we have the degrees and the schooling, but what is just as important is our combined experience in this space. We know what works, because we’ve tried it all. You’ll get to learn from our failures without having to fail yourself (we’ve already done it for you). On the flip side, if it’s not in our wheelhouse, we’re in a position to point you to another provider that does know what they’re doing.

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