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Meme Report Cancelled?

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

If you’re reading this, it means you’ve survived the pandemic, an election, an insurrection, snowmageddon, and the haters (we all have them). Through all these historical events one thing has gotten us through it all—memes. Nothing seemed to unite us as much as our ability to laugh off problems and momentarily pretend that everything is fine, and personally, I think that’s beautiful. Anyway, a lot has happened so let’s jump right in.

Widdle Baby Yoda

Why do we love it?

The baby gurgles, the big eyes, the chubby cheeks, the ability to easily murder you with its Jedi mind tricks, what’s not to love? The new season of the Mandolorian came with the release of the Baby Yoda toy. (Spoiler alert: Although Grogu is his name, this author will continue to call him by his fan-given name of Baby Yoda.) The doll gives people the ability to photograph Baby Yoda doing regular household chores or tasks, like being on your phone for several hours as depicted in the meme above.

Chess never looked so easy.

Why do we love it?

We love the idea that we can all skip years of practice to suddenly become grandmasters of chess by watching an eight-episode show. Thank you Queen’s Gambit for sparking an interest in chess and the unattainable expectations we created for ourselves. Also, thank you Dennis Rodman for always being you.

Spilling the tea. (gossip)

Why do we love it?

It may be because of our history but we love a good tea spilling, especially when we aren’t involved. The Oprah interview of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle gave us directly imported tea from the palace and more importantly new Oprah reactions of disbelief. That reaction is common and one I have regularly while I’m checking out at the store, or I wake up from a five-minute nap only to find I was asleep for five hours.

I'm waiting...

Why do we love it?

Can this even be called a meme report if we didn’t mention meme trendsetter, Senator Bernie Sanders? He effortlessly reached the hearts of millions, by his nonchalant body language and sporting the best “Made in the USA” fashion has to offer. This picture perfectly expressed numerous feelings, specifically what we were all waiting for… that stimmy.

B’s bonus meme

Why do I love it?

2020 was emotionally draining and I for one am ready to go out in these streets and make some NOIIIISE in the appropriate setting! We’re all ready to release some of the pent-up 2020 aggression living inside of us, and just need a reason to yell at the top of our lungs that we made it.

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