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Hell Yes! It’s International Women’s Day And We’re Celebrating With Big News!

It’s International Women’s Day. And that matters to us.

The sobering reality of what women face in the workforce has never been starker than over the last year. In 2020, 5.4 million women lost jobs and 2.1 million dropped out of the job market altogether. (Thank you to our friends at the women-led Black Sheep Agency for highlighting these facts.)

Business Ownership = Activism

The pandemic didn’t create the challenges of being a woman in the workforce as much as it brought often unseen burdens to light, exacerbating issues like lower pay and uneven childcare duties. With a lack of women in leadership positions, there is plenty of ground to make up, which is why it feels extra important to keep holding a vision for the future of our company, as both business owners and women. Owning a business as a woman, right here, right now, is our form of activism. And that’s how we will approach it for the rest of our tenure.

A Buried Lede And The Big News

Speaking of tenure, the buried lede here is our big news!

Leveling up from Chief Operating Officer, Lauren will be taking the lead on human resources, long-form content and in seeking business through procurement opportunities, leveraging our recent certification through the Women Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) as a Women-Owned Business and Historically Underutilized Business (HUB).

TL;DR: She’s going to kick so much ass.

Amber will continue as the company’s chief cheerleader, creative director and developing business through referrals and partnerships.

So yeah, International Women’s day hits different this year, and we are inspired, ready to advocate, and excited to grow this thing as true partners and co-CEOs.

Let’s do this.

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