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We Launched A New Website & Now We Want To Give You Beer

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Welcome to the new digital home of Ambrose McDowell Communications! It feels like we just moved out of our old apartment and into a cute house on a corner lot and we’re rolling out the welcome mat. And we want to make sure you feel warm, cozy and comfortable while you’re here.

So we’re hosting our first-ever digital scavenger hunt. Yes, there will be prizes.

Here’s how to get in on this sweet, sweet scavenger hunt, beer delivery, random goodness prize package action.

Here's How To Play

Answer all of the following questions correctly, and follow at least one of our social media accounts:




Make sure you’re signed up for our once-weekly newsletter (we hope you enjoy it).

Then, find the answers to these questions and submit them to by midnight, CT, March 12. Anyone answering correctly, that also has completed our above requests will be entered into a drawing for the prize package mentioned below. You will receive a confirmation that you are entered when you send in your answers.

Here's The "Hidden" Treasures

Happy hunting. Hint: All of these answers are available on our website.

  1. How many years of combined experience do we have on the Ambrose McDowell team? (Answer is available only on desktop version.)

  2. Name one reason to outsource your digital content.

  3. What’s the name of the person that introduced Lauren and Amber?

  4. What’s the name of our weekly newsletter?

  5. In the case study, by what percentage did the client increase sales totals?

  6. What does thoughtful content add?

BONUS: If you can answer this question, we’ll give you an extra entry.

What is Amber a lover of? (You must be on the desktop version for this answer.)

Here's What You Win

Prize package: Two cases of Saint Arnold beverages, $100 in Kolache Factory gift cards, two dozen handmade dumplings from our BFFs at the Dumpling Dudez, some homemade sourdough bread from Amber, homemade baked cookies from Lauren M. and other treasures as yet to be determined. If the winner is outside the Houston area, we will come up with something special, but let’s be honest, we don’t yet have the prize for you figured out just yet. You should still play and we will still make it worth your non-Houston while.

Thank you, always, for stopping by. Your support really does mean everything. We’re grateful for you!

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