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BTE Case Study


One of our OG clients, BTE Racing, proves that engaging content builds communities and revenue. Their strategy + our execution = Facebook and Instagram integration, combined with original blogs, fan-sourced weekly content and one giant fall campaign (read more below).

Amber McDowell Communications work for BTE
BTE Social Media post

Texans know that kolaches are the perfect food, but many outside the state haven’t yet had the pleasure of enjoying one. Through an ongoing social media presence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, the story of the humble kolache keeps it top-of-mind for Kolache Factory’s already-engaged fans and helps educate outside markets on its history and deliciousness. Bonus: The ability to send folks to their online ordering system, hit regular messaging points about products and fun gift card giveaways to reward engagement and loyalty.

Kolache Factory work by Amber McDowell Communications
Social Media ad for Kolache Factory by Amber McDowell Communications
Kolache Factory post by Amber McDowell Communications


Yes, they’re great for SEO. Yes, they’re great for branding. Yes, they’re great for launching new services and products. Yes, they’re great for educating. Yes, they’re great for organizational announcements. Is there anything a well-written blog can’t do? Well, actually, there’s kind of a lot (drive your kids to school, bake a loaf of bread, wash your dog), but we enjoy exaggeration so let’s just pretend the answer to that is “no.”

Here are a few recent client examples:

For MassChallenge Texas, 2020 Features New Tracks

For MassChallenge Texas, 2020 Features New Tracks


MassChallenge + Stadia Ventures Team Up for Sports Tech

MassChallenge + Stadia Ventures Team Up for Sports Tech


Mortgage Matters for the Self Employed

Mortgage Matters for the Self Employed

Open Mortgage

Five Ways to Get a Mortgage Despite your Student Loans

Five Ways to Get a Mortgage Despite your Student Loans

Open Mortgage

Car of the Week: Couples Edition featuring Greg and Dana Dillman

Car of the Week: Couples Edition featuring Greg and Dana Dillman

BTE Racing


It’s hard to believe this, but not everyone is active on social media. Sometimes an audience prefers to hear from you via email and we are here for it. Things we obsess over:


Clickable subject lines 

Compelling teaser copy  

Friendly tone

Calls to action where the audience...acts

Appropriate use of puns


Check these out:

Houston Exponential



Telling stories is what we do, it just so happens that through the medium of feature writing, we do it in (usually) thousands of words. And we do it with gusto, backed up with quotes from interviews, brought to life with bold headlines and context-adding subheads.


Most importantly, when it comes to print, we hit deadlines and turn around edits quickly. We love getting paid to learn new things, meet new people, tell new stories. You’ll love to have a final article that reads well, represents your organization with pride and requires minimal edits.

Amber McDowell Communications Featured Writing for Downtown Magazine
Featured Writing in InRe 2020 by Amber McDowell Communications


BTE Racing is a manufacturing, design and support company specializing in performance racing products like transmissions and torque converters. Through nearly a decade of building an active and engaged customer base of drag racers on Facebook through content, and more recently, on Instagram, they’ve grown their reach and revenue to record numbers.


In 2020, the challenge was to help them reach $1 million in their annual November sale, promoted exclusively through digital content, relying heavily on social media.




Flood content on Facebook and Instagram with engaging posts related to products, educating about sale timeline and methods of buying (online as well as through the phone). Push traffic to the website on social media by linking to blog content about the sale. Recapture traffic through targeted social media ads utilizing data from the Facebook pixel in second half of campaign. Email blasts weekly, linking to specific sale products, using assertive and catchy calls to action.


BTE Racing sold $1+ million of product in a two-week span, breaking all previous November sale records, increasing sale totals from 2019 to 2020 by 70%


By working year after year, building a strong, engaged and passionate community online through content, BTE has also garnered trust and built solid relationships with drag racers across the world. By pushing original content on the blog, and sharing it on social media to this engaged audience, they drive meaningful traffic to their website on a weekly basis. This traffic can then be retargeted each November for the sale campaign through Facebook and Instagram ads. Bring in email marketing with direct links to products (which also drives traffic), and the momentum is unstoppable.

BTE Performance from Amber McDowell Communications Writing
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