To improve the way people connect with themselves and others through thoughtful and intentional communication from a place of belonging, worthiness, optimism, hope and levity.


To continuously improve the state of the world through intentional communication that moves people to take positive action.


| To treat any and all communication with respect and responsibility, from three-word social media captions to presidential speeches.


| To respect professional and personal boundaries for our team as well as clients and partners.


| To create from a place of hope, not fear.


| To take our work seriously, but not ourselves.


| To experience the joy and excitement of creating powerful, fun, entertaining and moving work.


| To take feedback with an open mind.

| To understand concerns with an open heart.

| To express ourselves clearly and honestly.

| To express gratitude for our partners, clients and colleagues as often as possible.


Freelance writer, former food publication editor and social media content strategist (Amber) tours the United States, interviewing entrepreneurs for a video web series called The BusinessMakers. After hearing countless stories of starting businesses, trials and triumphs, perseverance and passion, she thinks: “Maybe I should try this writing and social media thing as a business?” But also: “There’s no way I can do this alone.”


Enter Lauren McDowell, Peace Corps alum, Certified Cheese Professional and former Vayner Media editor, fresh outta New York and looking for a professional kickstart upon return to her hometown of Houston circa 2017.


Add kismet: A Facebook post from Amber asking for help that led to their introduction from a mutual friend (thanks, Nicole!).


And you get: Ambrose McDowell Communications, an agency specializing in the production and creation of ongoing digital content through social media, blogs, feature articles and copywriting.


A team of warmhearted, caring and talented people that take our work seriously, but not ourselves. Five people who take care of clients and of one another, who care a lot about the work and feel proud every. single. time. your post gets a “like” or receives a thoughtful comment. Five people who have each other’s backs and support one another, not only because it feels good and right, but because it means the content is better and the client relationships are stronger when we are all invested in the work. We’ve survived multiple hurricanes, floods, a pandemic and we’re just getting started. Join us and let’s improve the world (and your organization) through meaningful content and collaboration.

Working remotely around Houston.
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